Thick Skull Prop

Available at $9,500.00

Welcome your guests with the “Thick Skull” prop. The applications are endless. Utilize your “Thick Skull” as a front end piece, gate entrance effect, cool down zone in between haunts or any desired area to enhance and compliment your haunt making it skulls above the rest... Install a fog or smoke machine inside the “Thick Skull” through the back access door for an added visual.

The one piece fiberglass construction is manufactured to endure years of demanding service and is resistant to the outside elements. The “Thick Skull” molded base is 4' x 4' and ensures stability.

See video at the 2017 Halloween Trade Show

Available at $9,500.00

Thick Skull Prop features include:

  • The "Thick Skull" paint application is a four part process
    • Two coats of custom acrylic enamel
    • Two coats of polyurethane clear sealant
    • Ensures years of protection from outside elements and guards against fading from the sunlight
  • Dimensions 7’ 10” high x 5’ 5” wide
  • Base measures 4’ x 4’

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